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The Dandy Lab

Deploying a Store of the Future }

Powered by University College London and based at Old Spitalfields Market in London, The Dandy Lab was part fashion retail store and part retail lab. The pilot phase ran from Aug 2015 to Feb 2016 and allowed technology companies to test various cutting edge frontend and backend solutions including the store’s own interactive displays developed in-house.

The project was a success and was nominated for several awards including ‘Best New Retail Concept’ WGSN Futures 2016 and was commended by Internet Retailing 2015 for ‘The Digital Store Award’. A whitepaper ‘Pioneering London’s Retail Ecosystem’ was released to highlight the opportunities and potential pitfalls of retail technologies.

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The project planning took more than a year to conduct, in which we worked closely with all key stakeholders to ensure that the project objectives would be met upon activation. This involved funding, partnerships, activating 52 British brands, and creating a retail, research and innovation strategy.


We executed the entire project at East London’s Old Spitalfields Market and undertook operations for the duration. This required working within the constraints of a grade 2 listed building and undertaking continual operational reviews with a lean team.


The goal of this project was to look into the ‘future of retail’ and this is exactly what we did. The Dandy Lab partnered with 15 technology companies ranging from larger organisations such as Cisco to small startups like MishiPay. Over the course of the 6 months we conducted experiments, deployed new innovations and analysed results. The whitepaper became the reference point for the industry for the year after concluding the project. 


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