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Dar Lune

Visualising a Modern Moroccan Brand }

Dar Lune enlisted Beyond Form to create its visual identity from scratch by drawing influences from Morocco. Revolving around its hero product of the Moroccan kaftan, the aim was to modernise traditional heritage and take visual cues from a country steeped in rich culture and vibrant colours. The result was a contemporary, feminine feel with slick styling.

Creative Direction | Brand Strategy | Branding Design | Packaging

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The challenge here was to implement a strategy for Dar Lune that had direct references to Morocco, but at the same time did not look like another brand using the country as a reference. Beyond Form devised an iconographic system and complete strategy that would appeal to the modern woman.


A fresh colour palette, contemporary typeface and minimal symbolic patterns were intertwined to create a young and clean look for the brand. Dar Lune, meaning ‘house’ in Arabic and ‘moon’ in French, were used to devise a system using the moon and facets of a diamond. The result was strong lines and scalable patterns applicable to many brand touchpoints.


Echoing the brand strategy, Beyond Form created a full packaging set that reflected the symbols, colours and luxury feel of the product. Taking into consideration that the product would be sold through multiple retail channels, we ensured that each piece was suitable to be either sent through the post or accompany in-store sales.


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