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{ A French Fashion Industry First }

The Beyond Form team has been working hard on founding a new world-first, and world class new program with the International Fashion Academy Paris: Fashion Tech Innovation. We’re too excited to share with you the details so here they are: 

What is Fashion Tech Innovation?

What is the future for fashion and disruptive technologies? Artificial intelligence, drones, robots, augmented reality, blockchain… a multitude of innovations are transforming the fashion industry at lightning speed; but can we keep up? To adapt to an evolving industry, IFA Paris is launching the first higher education program dedicated entirely to fashion tech and innovation in 2019. In this program, students will acquire the analytical skills and technical knowledge necessary to conceptualize, design and execute technological solutions to address complex fashion industry issues.

“Our research has shown us that there is a concern regarding the lack of development of new, viable fashion technologies in France. This is rather paradoxical given the government’s efforts to promote France as a new “Start-up Nation”. Our role as educators is to correct stereotypes by making our students aware, that technologies such as Virtual Reality or Artificial Intelligence are tools to foster creativity and not to hinder it,”

Jean-Baptiste Andreani, Managing Director of IFA Paris.

What’s inside the fTI Program?

The Fashion Tech Innovation program will pioneer the training of the next generation of individuals that will create the link between the development of new technologies and fashion. The program’s structure is based on 3 main themes:

Fashion Tech Creation
Innovative Production Methods
Digital Forward Commercialization

“We have been using 3D modeling in our creative programs for a long time.” says Jean-Baptiste Andreani. “We’ve collaborated with Villette Makerz to introduce our students to rapid prototyping techniques, electronic screen printing and the use of bacteria to develop materials. This has helped us to refine the foundations of our Fashion Tech Innovation curriculum, which is made up of even more sophisticated modules including Neuro Marketing, Machine Learning or even creation in a virtual environment”.

The pedagogical strategy is based on experiential learning with the inclusion of client projects and case studies linked to IFA Paris’ partners. The opening of the FTI Lab will add a practical dimension to the program as students will be guided by experts on the utilization of new technologies.

The Launch

For those whose curiosity has been piqued and would like a taster, a 1-week short course will run in April and July 2019. More information to be released in the coming months including fashion-tech “catch-up” sessions and announcements of even more Fashion Tech Innovation initiatives at IFA Paris. For more information on this program: Future Fashion Tech Short Course

And to learn more about the program described in this article: Postgraduate Diploma: Fashion Tech Innovation