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A Launch to Remember }

The OnePlus team approached Beyond Form to deliver a one-off event to remember for their new phone, OnePlus X, and this is exactly what we did. Aligning this exclusive launch with a cool concept store, The Dandy Lab, we executed all aspects of the event that resulted in a sell out event for the OnePlus ‘Hyper-fans’. This included cocktails, demos and queues out of the door for hours. 

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Working with the OnePlus EU team, we devised a strategy for the OnePlus X smartphone launch held at the concept store The Dandy Lab. This included launch dates, execution and marketing plan to ensure that all stakeholders were aligned.


Working with The Dandy Lab team we executed all aspects of the launch including branding, digital design, creative displays and staffing. With more than 250 visitors within a 3 hour period the event was one of OnePlus’ most successful to date.


Aligning a tech product with a fashion retailer required some careful planning with all stakeholders. The event garnered huge traction including queues for 4 hours outside of the store and customers flying in from Europe to attend the event.


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