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Venture studio & Founders = Match made in heaven

Non-traditional way of starting up:

Plug into existing resources & frameworks. De-risk building.

Build hand-in-hand with an expert team:

Our team has built dozens of startups over the years. From validating business ideas through to MPV building and funding, we have a formula for getting from zero to series A.

Get immediately plugged into our ecosystem:

Our supportive network ranges from technologists, industry experts to investors. We draw upon our contacts to proactively get our startups to the next phase and enrich a founder’s journey.

Working together to solve fashion’s biggest problems

1. Over-production:

A shift from linear to circular systems & reduce the burden on natural resources.

2. Unused products:

new business models: recommerce: resale, rental & subscription platforms.

3. Over- consumption:

Predicting consumers’ needs and desires better.

4. Fragmented supply chains:

On-demand, local, production methods.

The Retouch
Andrea Herget, Jules-Adrien Neret & Andrea Millerand, Co-founders

"The Beyond Form network connected us to a variety of different entrepreneurs, which gave us the confidence to push boundaries for our business."

Hands-on operational help

For founders working with our studio team, they automatically get surrounded by an expert team. This means a higher chance of success for our startups and founding teams can focus on what matters the most; building great products.

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