Innovation Case Studies: 13 startups boosting the sustainability agenda for fashion brands

Rocket Report Splash Image 1
Rocket Report Splash Image 1

Download our new report featuring startups boosting fashion sustainability

Beyond Form has teamed up with Loomish to create this report showcasing the best fashion tech startups dedicated to solving the fashion industry's sustainability challenges. This year the report focuses on 13 startups from around the world and have been split into 4 categories:

1. Metaverse & Digital Fashion
2. Waste: Recycling & Upcycling
3. Traceability & Transparency
4. Future Retails & New Ownership Models

In each category you will find in-depth case studies on how each startup has successfully rolled out pilot projects with fashion brands and integrated their solutions to achieve positive results. Fashion brands highlighted include Burberry, Farfetch and Pangaia.

Featured Startups                                      

AltMat | AnamXR | Arianee | Aware | Circularise | LaLa Land | Lode | Mylime | The PAAC | Queen of Raw | Recurate | Reflaunt | Save Your Wardrobe

Key Themes                                        

- Technologies integrated and their applications.
- Success key indicators measures against the innovations.
- Challenges that brands and retailers are facing when considering implementing tech.
- How the fashion industry can leverage tech in the future.
- How sustainability can be tackled using tech.
& more!

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About Loomish                                       

Loomish SA is a Swiss-based investment management firm specialised in Lifestyle Tech, with a focus on Fashion, Food, Travel, Cosmetic, Health and Design industries. They are committed to accelerating value creation for all the players within the lifestyle retail ecosystem: investors, digital start- ups and established corporations looking for innovative solutions.  Visit their website here.