Build a fashion tech startup with us in our venture studio

Venture studio & Founders = Match made in heaven

Non-traditional way of starting up:

Plug into existing resources & frameworks. De-risk building.

Build hand-in-hand with an expert team:

Our team has built dozens of startups over the years. From validating business ideas through to MPV building and funding, we have a formula for getting from zero to series A.

Get immediately plugged into our ecosystem:

Our supportive network ranges from technologists, industry experts to investors. We draw upon our contacts to proactively get our startups to the next phase and enrich a founder’s journey.

What is a venture studio?

We build startups from the ground up in partnership with ambitious entrepreneurs. We do this providing operational support and funding. That’s why we firmly believe that the value we deliver to our partners is meaningful with longevity built in, at speed and with agility.

Our methodology combines three important components together to create great fashion tech startups: Fashion Domain Expertise, Technology Prowess, Entrepreneurial Mindset

Working together to solve fashion’s biggest problems

1. Over-production:

A shift from linear to circular systems & reduce the burden on natural resources.

2. Unused products:

new business models: recommerce: resale, rental & subscription platforms.

3. Over- consumption:

Predicting consumers’ needs and desires better.

4. Fragmented supply chains:

On-demand, local, production methods.

What founders get inside the studio

Gain access to industry expertise, funding and operational support

Startup creation

Our studio has a range of skills and knowledge that include:
- Business design: concept & business model validation, MVP strategy.
- Product creation: technical development and product management.
- Launch execution: marketing campaign design, pilot management

Fundraising support

We know that fundraising is difficult and we work with our founders closely to help them prepare:
- A fundraising strategy
- The financial model
- Investment deck
- Oral pitch


On a case-by-case basis we will fund or co-fund a project at any time in the startup's creation journey. For this to happen we must see:
- Validated business concept, customer etc.
- Innovative business model and proprietary tech IP
- Clear route to market
- Clear exit strategy

Your dedicated venture team

Our studio team works in close collaboration with founders. Together we validate ideas, build the MVP, test & iterate and launch onto the market.

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